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Creed II (2018)
A Terrible Film
11 December 2018
Writing unoriginal and predictable sequels has been done before, by Sylvester Stallone, in the Rocky Series. I actually liked the Rocky movies upto 4, with all the ones after being pretty hopeless. The character of Adonis Creed is totally unlikeable, unrelatable and has the emotional intelligence of a 2 year old toddler. The film is a complete rehash of virtually every Rocky movie and it has no value added for anyone who has seen any of the previous films. It's so bad, I'm writing this review as the film is playing out the last 30 minutes, I don't care what happens to any of the characters. You feel no emotional attachment at any level, with any of the main protagonists. How anyone can score this film 10/10 and say it packs a punch, delivers a knockout or other boxing pub, is beyond me. I am usually patient with find and I can usually pick our something worthwhile. Even the boxing scenes, a high quality feature of the Rocky movies, is sadly lacking in this movie. Terrible choreography and fight scenes, just put the cherry on top or what is arguably one of the worst boxing movies to hit the screens in a long time. Please please please Slyvester, stop making these terrible movies!!
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My Dinner with Hervé (2018 TV Movie)
Superb Film
30 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After hearing Sacha Gervasi on local radio telling the story of how Dinner with Herve came about, I knew (a little) in advance of what to expect. Gervasi explained in the interview that Herve was a rebellious soul, a party boy, a womaniser and lived a very rock and roll lifestyle. What I didn't know was, he was so much more than just the little guy from Fantasy Island and Nik Nak from the Man with the Golden Gun. The film very skillfully delivers the rich and varied life of someone who found fame quickly and lost it in the same way. The actors put in superb performances and whilst it has funny moments, the film is overwhelmingly a sad tale of a life lived to excess, when the money was good, and a life of severe depression when the money dried up. A craving for the fame he once enjoyed and a morose desparation for the good times to roll once again - are the feelings I took away from the film. One thing is for sure, Herve lived a life that many of us cannot imagine and he lived his life, the way he wanted to. I loved this film and it delivered so much more than I expected. Definitely one I would recommend.
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Papillon (I) (2017)
Watch the Original Fil
28 October 2018
This isn't a bad remake, but McQueen and Hoffman deliver such amazing performances in the original film, this film was always going to find that impossible to get close to. Whilst it's a reasonable stand-alone film and not a bad movie, you just find yourself comparing it to the original at every turn. A classic film, is a classic film and should really be left alone. I'd prefer directors and producers to look at new projects and new ideas. Rehashing movies that have already been brilliantly done, are just a waste of resources. I would advise anyone wanting to watch this movie, just watch the original.
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DiCaprio - Day of the Plothole
15 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Whilst clearly a very big budget film, with on the whole, solid acting, the film suffered from the meandering plot. I watched the film and fully expected a crackdown on the drug cartels of Mexico, but what we're served up, was a kidnapping plot put together by the US Government to stir up a horvers next and war amongst rival cartels. The plot is never stable, the storyline knits together in a very contrived way and you are constantly saying "as if". I'm all for suspending reality and immersion in films, but this movie takes you to the very edge of plausibility and throws itself over the cliff edge. Firstly, what was the relevance of Somalia and the lead character eventual involvement in clandestine mercenary work against the Mexican cartels? Secondly, if you want to start a war amongst the cartels, I'm sure you could find a simpler way than kidnapping someone's daughter. Thirdly, if you do decide to kidnap her, why then take her to the US and then try a daring idiotic mission to return her to another cartels territory. If you're ebdfane is to start a war, why not kill her and you've got your war? Finally,. What was the point of the gang bangers? They were only written in to the plot to knit it together? Absolutely ludicrous at times and too stupid for wards at offers.

The American Government hired mercenaries just have free reign to cross the Mexican border at will, killing anyone who gets in their way and anyone who doesn't. Far to stupid to take seriously at times and it's almost a comedy compared to the first film. Hardly a worthy sequel, and the whole premise of this movie, is to lay the foundations for a third film.
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Eighth Grade (2018)
Eighth Grade - Top Marks
13 October 2018
I've just watched Eighth Grade and wow, what a great film. For a directorial debut, Burnham has understood the awkwardness and insecurities of the modern teenager perfectly. In the era where kids are hooked to smartphones, tablets and social media, the film's depicts Kayla's struggles in getting to grips with her life, her peers and her emotions. The film feels very real, which is great credit to actors involved. You are immediately immersed into Kayla's world and instantly invested in her introverted nature and self loathing outlook. This is one of the best teenage (sort of coming of age movies, but that's doing it a disservice, it's much more than that) and one I'd highly recommend. Great acting, great script, great concept and brilliantly executed.
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Mandy (I) (2018)
A Revenge Movie and That's All
10 October 2018
It's a revenge story, with a dark menacing feel, look and sound. It never really excited or engaged me at any point and it's all very predictable. The director and cinematographer clearly went for the style element over the depth of the characters and a script. I wouldn't say this a 10/10 movie, but it's not a 1 either. The good points:- it's well crafted, with lots of gratuitously over the top violence. Nicholas Cage doesn't have much dialogue and he puts in a reasonably good performance. The manson-esque religious cult leader also gives a Dennis Hopper type homage with his acting and also does a great job. The bad points:-. The story is just very weak, there's no depth to any of the characters, the pace of the film isn't really exciting or engaging at all. The soundtrack is pretty dull as well, and the soundscape of the movie is just deep bass tones throughout If you're a grindehouse movie lover that likes a good revenge flick, this isn't bad. However, there are better revenge movies out there, so, go watch something better.
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Girls Trip (2017)
A Truly Terrible Film
4 October 2017
After being subjected to the torture that is "Girl's Trip", I felt compelled to leave it a review, my first by the way. Whoever sanctioned the budget for this movie at Universal Studios needs to be fired. Fired into the orbit on a large rocket and kept away from movie production!! The acting was shockingly bad, the plot is non-existent and that's before I get started on the characters. They were so stereotypical it was laughable. As has been mentioned on another review, every scene is as cringe-worthy as the last. 10 minutes in and I thought "this film can't get any worse", but it surpassed my expectations and it did. If I could have given it zero, I would have and that would have been kind to it. The one to avoid, A truly terrible movie.
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