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Amazining animation-great story-
reesepaul6 December 2018
I was very lucky as my son and I just got to see the movie before it comes out. I was very impressed. The animation work alone was some of the most impressive work I have ever seen. Thencolorations, and fluidity of movement made a comic book come to life as a motion picture. Props to the soundtrack it was great edgy New York hip Hop in places, heck even works St. Elmo's fire in. I was surprised at the excellent humor throughout.

Technically as an older male my knowledge of Spider Man was confined to the classic Peter Parker line. I didn't know of this multiverse. But seeing is believing and it all made sense in the film. I had no idea Spider Ham existed but you will love his parts.

I don't and won't spoil the story line but as you can imagine good vs bad many excellent fight scenes. Dr. OC and Kingpin battle the several spider people. If you like animated movies, Marvel comics, go see this movie FYI stay all the way through the credits for a very funny finale.
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Best Spiderman movie yet hands down!
aodhanmulholland146 December 2018
What a beautiful film for Spiderman. Animation was incredible. Character depth was fantastic. Such a great story which had me glued to the screen from first minute to last. One of the funniest movies I've seen in the whole of 2018. Sony have had some misses the past few years but this movie is certainly a hit!
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WAYYY Better Than Expected
lordofawesomeness-103857 December 2018
This movie was honestly much, MUCH better than I expected it to be. Even all the trailers combined do not do it justice. It's thrilling, emotional, and hilarious. Its really a masterpiece in my eyes. One of my favorite movies of the year!
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Anyone can wear the mask, but no one can rock it like Miles Morales
Zephrey7 December 2018
I'm blown away, this movie is absolutely beautiful. The animation is stunning, the soundtrack is amazing and the dialogue and storyline is so heart-warming.

The characters are memorable, they all bring their own emotions rubbing off on the audience, and the humour is right on, its daring and hilarious and doesn't seem forced like you might see in some of the MCU films.

Theres been 7 Spider-Man films in the last 16 years and this might be the best one yet, its pays its respect to the past films while driven on its own storyline adventure, being such a known character the movies still comes out as original.

The camera angles and animation are gorgeous, definitely oscar worthy. I'd say this is one of the best superhero origins movies ever made. Then theres the numerous amount of easter eggs, be on the lookout for those.

I can't say the movies underrated cause its be treated just as it should be, but if theres one thing that its underrated its the soundtrack, the funny thing is the soundtrack is the exact type of music Miles Morales would listen to, so I guess you could say theres a touch of realism.

In the end all I can see is go see this movie for yourselves, the visual experience is amazing, its touching and serious, funny and witty, brings more emotion than some of the superhero movies you'll see today and best of all if your sick of superhero movies this is a complete different and fresh start of the genre. (Don't forget to wait till the end of the credits),
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Spider-Man meets The Lego Movie
AdrenalinDragon6 December 2018
Man I'm shocked to like this movie as much as I did. I never would have guessed it would have been one of my favourites of 2018. I expected the usual standard Superhero CGI Animated movie, but looking at the credits now and noticing people behind The Lego Movie wrote and produced it, it all started to make sense.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse could very well be the best Spider-Man movie ever! The animation was very stylish with mix of CGI and Comic-Book style art. This is a movie that did not take itself seriously at all, and with many different universes of Spider-Men it just went crazy and gave us a real packed 2 hours of entertainment. The use of music was decent, there was alot of heart to it, surprises, good gags, and it all felt fresh and interesting to the series.

Overall, a real standout for Sony Pictures Animation and a very high bar set for Animated Superhero movies, giving other Animated movies a run for their money.

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Stop with the race agenda @ IMDB users
Thekeybaldemasterrises7 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Edit: I see a lot of people have already thumbed down this review because it sounds like people are playing the race card with this movie. "Peter Parker is the only Spider-Man!!" Look watch the movie for yourself, or don't see it at all. If you're really that bothered by a black Spider-Man in this movie then why are you here reading reviews? You still have the Rami films and heck you still have the Garfield films if that's what floats your boat. If you really care about good storytelling and good animation then hear me out. Into the Spider-Verse is the hour of redemption for Sony's animation studio. I haven't been particularly happy with their recent films ranging from endless Hotel Transylvania sequels, constant remakes of the Smurfs, and of course the god awful Emoji Movie. I kept asking myself, when Sony? When will you actually use your creative talents and give us something worth our time? And folks, this is it. This is their baby. Into the Spider-Verse is not only one of the best animated films of the year, it's one of the best Spider-Man films period. I was skeptical at first too, the high ratings, the complex story, the studio, but thankfully the reviews were right on this. What this movie does so well is how it constantly engages its audience through visual storytelling. It reflects the same methods Stan Lee/Steve Ditko used when they wrote their comic stories all those years ago. You can tell the filmmakers did their homework and really captured the comic book esthetic to a whole other level. It's colorful, it's full of amazing textures, and the action is just amazing to watch. Now if the movie solely relied on this I probably would've given it a lower rating but thankfully they wrote a nice story here. We get to finally see Miles Morales come to life and while I didn't think he had the most interesting personality compared to say Peter Parker, he worked as a vessel for the audience. We got to see his Spider-Man journey in a very unique and interesting way that feels nostalgic but fresh at the same time. I do have to add that I didn't quite feel the emotional weight in this film with Miles' character arc like I did in Tobey's Spider-Man 2, but it was still emotionally satisfying for this film on its own when you don't compare it to previous films. In the end, this was still my favorite Spider-Man movie since Spider-Man 2. It's funny, fun, and full of heart. I would be ok with Sony owning the license to Spider-Man if they kept making movies with this animation style but still carry some depth and passion in the storytelling. Because this movie honored the most endearing thing about Spider-Man's story, and it's that anyone can wear the mask. It's that universal trait that Steve Ditko and Stan Lee created all those years ago that make this character so mythological and so palpable. And this has one of Stan's best cameos yet I promise you that. If you're a Spidey fan, or just a comic fan, or even just a fan of animated films. YESSS GO SEE IT. This is my favorite animated film of the year, if not in years, and might potentially creep into my top 10 films of the year. PLEASE GO SUPPORT THIS. 9/10.
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A Fresh Take
ebok0076 December 2018
With a very likable new hero, style oozing from every frame, and a comic book weirdness that might only work in animation, Into the Spider-Verse is a fresh take on the Spider-Man franchise that is very welcome. Heavy on humor, action, heart, a pack of both heroes and villains... there are a lot of moving pieces here that very easily could've not worked. I'm glad to say that it all comes together in the end for a very enjoyable adventure. You can feel the Lord/Miller voice with some of the meta humor similar to The LEGO Movie, but it is definitely doing its own thing and really felt cohesive/unique. If you think you are interested in this movie, I'm fairly certain you will enjoy it.
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Refreshing!!! Watch this film.
nmn19947 December 2018
Caught the unlimited screening on the Friday and it's safe to say I will be going again! After watching every Spider-Man film to date, and tirelessly rewatching the origin story twice over (Uncle Ben), I was really torn when I seen they were releasing yet another Spider-Man film, but everything they've done with this one is perfect. It's completely set apart from all the others and gives new take on the spider-verse, if you like. Fresh story, fresh character personalities and great animation, go watch, you will not regret!
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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Cinema with CJ Review
cinemawithcj6 December 2018
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse makes you aware pretty early on you're in for something special. The curious project long in development unsure of where it sits in Spider-Man canon makes it known that it is the Spider-Man canon.

It's a love letter to every single piece of Spider-Man you know and love and even the stuff you might not. The movies, the cartoons, the comics, the character, the icon. If you want a definitive Spider-Man, I think you're looking at it.

Into The Spider-Verse oozes so much style from it you can't help but be sucked into its universe. The animation is slick and gorgeous and perfectly on form here, translating Spider-Man to the big screen like you've never seen before. It's beautiful and it's technically impressive, playing with all sorts of styles (helped by the diverse supporting characters) but never losing sight of its spirit.

There's never been a more true comic adaptation. Watchmen is so far back in the mind alongside every other comic book movie here, Spider-Verse uses so many techniques in it you just feel everything you expect Spider-Man to actually be. It's like if Deadpool had those yellow boxes, or if Fantastic Four had a good movie.

You feel so much love for Spider-Man in the making of this film, full of everything for the hardcore fan to the most casual movie-goer. Whatever your working knowledge of Spider-Man, you're going to be impressed.

The actual story and characters haven't even been touched in this review so far and that's because Into The Spider-Verse gets the groundwork just so right of course everything falls into place. It subverts expectations, it gives you the exact payoffs you want, it has such smart humour and touching emotion. It's everything great about every Spider-Man piece of fiction and almost none of the flaws.

Into The Spider-Verse surpasses even the likes of Spider-Man 2 here. It's not hammy (beyond Spider-Ham), it's not cheesy, it's not full of bad CG, it's not got soap-Opera antics that don't land, it's not set outside New York, it's none of those things.

Spider-Man is reinvented alongside all the references of his reinvention. It gives us an origin story that doesn't suck, because it knows you know all of that. Several times over. It knows how smart the audience is. It knows we know the stories. The beats. So instead it gives us a show. It gives everything slightly different to what you know and expect, but leaves you happy with how familiar things are.

The entire cast and crew have truly made something special. The writing, the directing, the animating, the acting, the soundtrack, everything. It shows the work that has gone into it. It stands apart from most of the other animated movies of recent years. It makes yet another good case for animation needing more of that mainstream blockbuster highlight. This is better than pretty much most of the superhero movies that have been made to date.

Life has been breathed into Spider-Man yet again. And it's not necessarily gone bigger and better. It's human. It's funny. It's down to earth. It takes us on the journey Miles Morales is being taken on. Things get weird. Things get fun. An all star voice cast's praises can't be sung more. None of the people involved can't be celebrated more.

There's great power given when you get the reins of Spider-Man. And with it comes great responsibility. Or however the saying goes. I'm just glad that I'm in the Spider-Verse were it all goes perfectly with this movie.
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StaneSKT6 December 2018
This movie is probably the best that Sony ever offered us from the Spidey universe. Super fresh story, incredible animation style, characters that we'll hardly see on the big screen soon, plenty of fun moments and tons of comic book references.

This movie is absolute joy, especially if you're comic book nerd. It has already been confirmed that there will be a sequel and honestly, I can not wait.

Go and see for yourself. One hundred percent you'll not be disappointed at the end...the very end.
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rjchuk6 December 2018
Exactly the comics on the big screen paying homage to all that came before and the creators of a amazing character. Easily the best Spiderman film ever made.
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Animated movie of the year!
jonathanlimin11 December 2018
This is by far the best Spiderman movie! I can't believe Sony was able to pull this off! I hope Sony doesn't rush the sequel out
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Spider-Man done right.
skeen-692486 December 2018
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's biggest strength is knowing exactly what it is. There's no deep meanings or important messages to be found here other than the usual superhero morals and that leaves a lot of room for action, comedy and heart.

The animation really sells this movie; I can't say I've seen a similar style before. Whilst it can make some action sequences a little hard to follow, it is absolutely beautiful and never gets old. The writing is pretty great; the story is cohesive and different and many of the jokes hit well (clearly some Deadpool inspired humour to be found here). Miles Morales is a fantastic spider-man and alternative Peter Parker is nicely fleshed out. The other spider-men, women and pig are lacking in character but provide good comic relief and keep the film fresh. The mish-mash of villains is an interesting choice. Whilst Kingpin is definitely made the main antagonist, there are a number of villains in the movie but none are given any backstory or reasoning behind their actions other than Kingpin. This ins't necessarily a weakness however, since the film is never bogged down by trying to justify their villains and instead focuses on the fun-factor of having enough enemies for the number of spider-people in the movie. It's also worth mentioning that the soundtrack and score for the movie is pretty damn good.

It ain't gonna blow you away and it's not a must-see but it definitely is a fun ride the whole way through.
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Best Spider-Man Movie to hit the Big Screen
pravinjya6 December 2018
Honestly never thought this movie would as amazing as it was. I definitely thought it would be good but the team for this film really knocked it out the park. Hilarious, heart-wrenching, action-packed and absolutely great voice acting. This movie will cater to any audience, and No, you don't have to be a spider-man fan. The message of this movie is great too. Definitely stay after the credits.
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Miles Morales takes us on an unforgettable journey.
kingsgrl20107 December 2018
This is one of the most ambitious movies ever created and it's one of the best animated films ever made.

This movie is so vibrant, it feels like you are flipping through a comic book + the pages just leap right off. Everything in this was brilliant from the script, the colors, the casting, music and overall feel. I really love the inclusion of so many different "spider-people" you have Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, and even Spider-Ham. It just made the movie even that more fun.

You don't need to watch any Spider-Man movies prior to seeing this, but if you have (or read the comics) it is loaded with cameo's and easter eggs. While this movie can look flashy and have a whole lot pumped into it, this is simply Miles' story, his journey, and a joy to watch.... Stan Lee also has the perfect send-off cameo (that I may have shed a tear at).

oh, and also stay to the end of the credits for this one. it's pretty great.
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themadmovieman6 December 2018
This is a genuinely exceptional film. Away from the world of the big-budget, mainstream comic book movies, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse breaks boundaries with a stunningly original and fresh take on the classic superhero tale, combining hilarious self-referential humour with an equally thrilling story, all topped off with spellbinding visuals from beginning to end.

There's nowhere we can start from but the film's stunning animation. With clear love and passion for all things superhero poured into every single frame of Into The Spider-Verse, the film sings with its mesmerising comic-book style visuals, bordering on the edge of a kind of gritty stop-motion that blends seamlessly with individual panels, captions and even the odd THWACK or BIFF that pops up on the screen.

But not only does this film bring comic books to life on the big screen like never before, because it also has a stunning and vivid urban vibe throughout that adds to the atmosphere and excitement of the whole affair. Again blurring the lines between gritty urban visuals and psychedelic, kaleidoscopic colours, the film is a dazzling watch, with cinematography that pops in hugely entertaining fashion throughout, adding to the jaw-droppingly good-looking nature of the film, all the while furthering its unique and distinct atmosphere.

And that's the next thing I want to touch on, because although Into The Spider-Verse does centre on a big Marvel character, what makes it feel so fresh is that unique atmosphere. Of course, the visuals are integral in that, but there's something deeper that comes from the film's brilliant screenplay and passionate directing. Landing us in a parallel version of New York City, the movie has the opportunity to play with things we know and love, and give them an original twist to help set the foundations of this world apart from the mainstream comic book movies.

As a result, this film completely breaks the rule book when it comes to modern superhero movies - surpassing even the likes of Deadpool with its originality - with a gleefully fun and playful take on comic book tropes and clichés, all the while still surging with an immensely exciting blockbuster plot that feels pleasantly familiar, but just different enough.

So that means that you can enjoy Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse in a number of different ways, whether it be as a straight comic book blockbuster akin to the MCU and DCEU, a fresh and exciting urban thriller, a visual masterpiece filled with a kaleidoscope of colours, or even a flat-out hilarious comedy. There are few movies in the genre with that degree of diversity within, but it's that very fact that makes it such a stunning watch throughout, leaving you barely a minute to breathe as it enthralls you from every single angle.

Finally, a mention about the film's comedy, which is absolutely amazing from beginning to end. It's a laugh-a-minute rollercoaster of a movie, with both well-written and character-driven humour throughout, as well as fantastically tongue-in-cheek, self-referential humour, doing for Spider-Man what Warner Bros.' hilarious The Lego Batman Movie did for the Caped Crusader, and a whole lot of winks and nods to modern superhero movies that are sure to have fans laughing on a near-constant basis.

Overall, then, I was blown away by Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. For a film that seems so small at first, it's actually one of the best superhero movies I've ever seen, breaking out on its own in brilliantly unique fashion with an absolutely mesmerising visual template, a thoroughly exciting and original story, a passionate and tangible urban atmosphere, and utterly hilarious comedy from start to finish.
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Overflowing with wit, verve and inventiveness, this latest Spider-Man reboot expands the Spider-Verse in visually dazzling and hilariously self-referential ways
moviexclusive7 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Before you groan that 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' is yet another origin story on the titular superhero, let us reassure you that this animated action-comedy from the irreverent minds which brought you 'The LEGO Movie' is like no other origin story you've seen.

And truly we mean that in a good, even great way: producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, together with a trio of directors (Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman), have completely embraced the freedom that the animated genre provides in adapting the array of comic books of the Spider-Man canon. Untethered from the sort of realism that live-action movies are bound to, they have instead created a film with an ultra-stylistic, hyper-kinetic, over-caffeinated aesthetic that is visually dazzling in its own right.

Amalgamating Ben-Ray dots, hand-drawn effects and soft-focus backgrounds (reminiscent of the old non-polarised 3D movies with blurry red and blue edges), with a deliberately stilted frame-rate and signature comic-book elements of panelisation and dialogue boxes, it is probably the closest we've come to see of a comic recreated in motion. To be sure, it does get a little over-indulgent at times; in particular, the retina-searing finale that takes place inside a universe-collapsing subterranean device resembles what you may get within an overly aggressive lava lamp, playing like the most sustained stream of vibrant psychedelia we've ever recalled seeing. It's breath-taking all right, even breathless at some points, but there is no denying the imagination and originality that is on display.

The same can be said of Lord's script, co-written with Rothman, that boldly imagines a formula-busting origin story with a potent emotional core. At the centre of it is the character of Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), a Brooklyn Afro-Latino teenager having trouble adjusting to life inside a new elite boarding school. Miles, who first appeared in the comic seven years ago from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, has had great expectations thrust upon him by his NYPD cop-father Jefferson (Brian Tyree Henry) and nurse-mother Rio (Luna Lauren Velez), but prefers hanging out with his father's estranged brother Uncle Aaron (Mahershala Ali) graffitiing the subways.

In Miles' version of New York City, Peter Parker's Spider-Man (Jake Johnson) is a well-established community hero/ vigilante, but Miles realises that Peter's powers aren't quite that exclusive when he himself is bitten by a radioactive spider. Unfortunately, before Peter can teach Miles how to properly navigate his newfound powers, the former is killed while trying to stop the Kingpin (Liev Schreiber) from using his nuclear super-collider from ripping a gash in the space-time continuum and causing several alternate universes to collapse onto the present.

Thankfully for Miles, that same machine also opens up portals in other parallel universes, pulling in several alternate Spider-People into his universe. These include a paunchy, washed-up 40-year-old Peter Parker (Johnson again); the graceful, ass-kicking and too-cool-for-school Spider-Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld); the hard-boiled, black-and-white Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage); the cartoonish Peter Porker a.k.a. Spider-Ham (John Mulaney); and last but not least, the anime-inspired Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn) and her arachno-droid SP//dr.

Even with upwards of seven Spider-beings and five bad guys (besides the Kingpin, there is also Doc Ock, Prowler, Tombstone and Scorpion in the rogues' gallery), the movie never comes off overstuffed, thanks to a surprisingly poignant relationship between Miles and Peter.

Ultimately, this is Miles' coming-of-age story that sees him struggling to step up to the mantle in order to save the world. Next to Miles, the curmudgeonly Peter is both his foil and his mentor, and their relationship is the heart and soul of the movie. In fact, they anchor some of the best sequences in the movie: their first encounter which finds both of them bound and dragged by a subway train through the streets of New York is both exciting and hilarious; and Peter's lesson to Miles how to web-swing through from tree to tree in upstate New York while being chased by Doc Ock is also both exhilarating and joyous to watch.

Yet we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge that 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' does sometimes veer into excess. As unapologetically self-referential as it is, its self-awareness sometimes proves too clever for its own good, tipping so far into fan service that it comes off rather self-indulgent. It is also guilty of resorting to the same superhero comic-book clichés that it pokes a postmodern finger at, most notably how the key to disarming the Kingpin's supercollider is a simple USB device. And there is so much going on that certain emotional notes do not ring as loudly as they should, and that is especially true of the family triangle comprising Miles, his cop dad and his cool uncle that feels less fleshed out than it should be.

Even so, this is one of the most original superhero origin stories we've seen in a very long while, and that alone says a lot for a character like Spider-Man which has seen no less than three reboots over the past few years. With this high-concept animated movie, Sony has finally moved on from Peter Parker in a manner that acknowledges his significance and expand the Spider-Verse in fresh and exciting ways. Credit to that belongs very much to Lord and Miller, whose sensibilities are all over the movie, ranging from its witty quips to its breakneck pace to its meta-textual treatment.

Fans of the Spider-Man comics will quite surely love it to bits, but there is also plenty for the casual viewer to enjoy in this fast, funny and thrilling piece of definitive pop-culture. It is brilliant all right, and we dare say one of the best Spider-Man movies ever made.
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Coolest Comic Book Movie Ever
scottlindquist8 December 2018
Just saw an advanced screening of this film and the single best word to describe it is - cool. The animation and direction are highly stylized and, as a result, viewers will probably love it or hate it. You can place me solidly in the first camp.

Besides the general style of the film, the dialogue and voice acting are notable. The voice acting is some of the finest I've seen on film. There's not a single weak link in the cast. And the dialogue, as expected from a Phil Lord script, is clever and full of humor. However, it was many of the dramatic scenes that were so wonderfully surprising to me.

Great film for the entire family. However, will probably be appreciated more by older viewers.
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Absolutely AMAZING!
christianssteger6 December 2018
This movie looks gorgeous, the comedy is on point, the action is great, and the references are amazing!
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Different Versions of Beloved Hero
stevendbeard7 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Spider_Man:Into the Spider_Verse", starring the voices of Shameik Moore-The Get Down_tv, Dope; Jake Johnson-New Girl_tv, The Mummy_2017; Hailee Steinfeld-The Pitch Perfect movies, Ender's Game; Nicolas Cage-Dog Eat Dog, the Ghost Rider movies and Liev Schreiber-Ray Donovan_tv, Salt. This is an animated Spider_Man movie that gives you a look at the different Spider_Men from alternate dimensions-it's also the first animated Marvel movie to be rated 'PG'. Those familiar with the comics know all about these spin off heroes. Shameik plays Miles Morales/Spider_Man, who runs into Jake/Peter Parker/the original Amazing Spider_Man-notice the 'Amazing' in his name? That's how you tell them apart in the books-after Liev/the Kingpin causes a dimensional rift that lets the others visit his world. Hailee/Spider_Gwen and Nicolas/Spider_Man Noir are a couple of the other Spider_Men that make it through the rift. There is also a Japanese Manga robot Spider_Girl and a Spider_Pig. Jake and the others help train Shameik in the use of his new talents-some are a little different than Jakes'-to make him Spider ready. Stan Lee makes his usual cameo and I heard that this was his last voice_acting role. There is a lot of humor throughout the film and it is pretty good-sometimes I had a hard time hearing everything because of the audience laughing so loud. Some of it is even 'nods' to the live action films and tv shows. And make sure you stay after the end credits because there is a nice scene with another Spider_Man not shown earlier. It's rated "PG" for action violence, thematic elements and some mild language and has a running time of 1 hour & 57 minutes. I am a big Spider_Man fan-Amazing & otherwise-and I really enjoyed this look at the different versions of the beloved hero. I would buy this one on Blu_Ray.
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A charming formula
sonicheze88 December 2018
Spider-man: into the spider verse took me by surprise. This Sony-Marvel Spider-Man animated movie came out of nowhere, but it has sealed itself as one of the best animated movies of 2018. I found this movie to be so fun, witty and moving that I feel compelled to write an extensive explanation why.

The animation is superb! The comic-book style is captivating, original and incredibly aesthetically pleasing. I found myself drawn to the huge Brooklyn metropolis than most other Spider-Man movies and that shows an incredible care went into design. The animations are fast and colourful, where often it leaves the audience trying to keep up with the scene just based on how much is going on. It's picturesque and bold take on animation is riveting, and I'm just super impressed.

The score and audio design are also a favourite of mine, with music from Vince Staples and Post Malone being the most notable one. The music keeps the movie upbeat while subtle enough to not detract from the narrative. Another example is that one of the villains has a specific sound for its character and each time it's played, the audience can immediately identify that character. Really amazing work.

And now the narrative. I'll say that the plot is a really refreshing take on the superhero formula. We've all beeen accustomed to the generic origin of Spider-Man after three different Spider-Mans and I'll have to say that this is my favourite. It's funny, unique and filled with lows and highs, which is a signature trait of excellent story telling.

The characters are also just well made, they're made by their conventions but defied into non-archetypical characters that feel real. The other Spider-Mans are fun characters and they bring a large part of the comedic effect for the movie. The dialogue and the relationship between characters embolden the movie nicely. My only issue is that some of them don't really serve the plot in a more meaningful way but they are just so darn fun to have.

Spider-Man: into the spider-verse is a well made movie, one that deserves your viewing. In the end of the day, it still follows a formula, but the beauty of the movie is that it doesn't make you notice that, and that's brilliant. Because after all the formula has worked for decades of movies, and the trick this movie did is to find out why the formula works and take the best parts.
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A Fun and Refeshing take on the Spiderman Universe
jaketownsend8 December 2018
This film brings a light hearted touch to a world that is dominated by superhero movies. It doesn't take itself too seriously and even pokes fun at the old movies. The arty animation fits the tone of the film perfectly, it is visually stunning and was a pleasure to see. I believe that anyone looking for an easy going, feel good film will certainly be more than satisfied after watching this film.
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Absolutely Brilliant
lawrencestevens-583697 December 2018
This is the best Spider-Man film I've seen, yes it beats Spider-Man 2 in my opinion. This is also now one of my favourite animated films and films of 2018. It's that good. The animation is incredible, and is something I've never quite seen before. I highly highly recommend you watch it in 3D if you can. The comedy and voice acting is on point, using its highly stylised animation to its advantage. The characters are all great especially miles and peter, although the others all have their own time to shine. This film is brilliant with great themes and messages with the best Stan Lee cameo and end credit scene. The only reason I give it a 9 and not a 10, is a small few gripes that I was a bit confused in how characters got to certain things places and a certain character development that wasn't really explained, as well as Kingpin not getting as much development as I would of liked. Other than that l, I found it absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend
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Fresh take on Spider-Man
dynamiteheaddy-4338710 December 2018
Feels like a superhero film cut free from the shackles, it's got heart, humour and great animation. It did feel slightly overlong with the first half of the movie being stronger and a weak villain but overall comic book fans will love this.
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Spider-Man straight out of the Comic Books
Fudge-37 December 2018
One last time: A new Spider-Man is created but will the original show him the ropes?

Thoroughly enjoyable comic-book style animated adventure. Great story, well drawn, nice characters, a little pathos, plenty of humour and action. I like that it doesn't take itself seriously but still manages to give the new Spider-Man a proper origin story. I'm not a big comic fan so I probably missed loads of references but I didn't feel left out. And wait past the titles - there is a great Easter egg.

I watched it in 3D but I don't think that added anything.

Add one if you're a dedicated comic-book fan. Subtract one if you've never read a comic.
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