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Print Biographies (5)

Nigel Cawthorne. Sex Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses. Prion Publishers,.
David Stenn. Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild. Lanham, MD: Cooper Square Press, 2000. ISBN 0815410255
Jeanine Basinger. The Silent Stars: Clara Bow, Marion Davies, Pola Negri, William S. Hart. New York: Alfred H. Knopf,.
James Robert Parish. The Paramount Pretties. Castle Books, 1972. ISBN 0870001809
Michael B. Druxman. Clara Bow: A One-Woman Play. NA: CreateSpace, 2011. ISBN 9781461112815

Film Biographies (2)

Portrayals (1)

Articles (35)

Vox (HU) October 2000, Iss. 42, pg. 102, by: Dénes Orosz, "Clara, a "nõstény""
Positif (FR) September 1999, Iss. 463, pg. 82-102, by: Bernard Chardère, "Quelques jours avec Clara Bow"
Classic Images (US) March 1994, Iss. 225, pg. 12, 16, 56, by: Eve Golden, "Clara Bow; She Had It--But It Didn't Do Her No Good"
The Silent Film Newsletter (US) March 1993, pg. 1-12, by: John Korcz, "Clara Bow; The Irresistible 'It' Girl"
Fiesta (GB) 1984, Vol. 18, Iss. 6, pg. 32-33, by: n/a, "People In Erotic History: Clara Bow"
Partner (US) March 1980, Vol. 1, Iss. 10, pg. 14+87, by: Kenneth Anger, "Hollywood Babble-On"
Classic Film Collector (US) 1970, Iss. 27, Spring/Summer, pg. 36, by: Raymond Lee, "The 'It' Girl"
Variety (US) September 29 1965, pg. 62:1, "Clara Bow"
The London Times (GB) September 28 1965, pg. 15:2, "Clara Bow"
New York Times (US) September 28 1965, pg. 1:6, 3:3, "Typified an Era; Clara Bow, the 'It' Girl, Dies at 60; Film Actress Set Vogue in 1920's"
Movie Classic (US) September 1931, pg. 22, 73, by: Audrey Rivers, "Clara WILL Come Back--A Bigger Star than Ever; So says Rex Bell, her fiancé, who believes she'll become one of the greatest actresses of her day when given the chance to make a REALLY BIG picture"
Silver Screen (US) November 1930, pg. 31, 58, by: Laura Benham, "Why Can't the "It" Girl Keep Her Men?"
Motion Picture Classic (US) December 1928, pg. 22, 77, 79, by: Cedric Belfrage, "Clara Bow Exposed; The 'It' Girl Is Discovered Flagrantly Living Like a Normal Human Being"
Motion Picture Classic (US) April 1928, pg. 33, 73, by: Walter Ramsey, "Imagine Their Embarrassment; Almost Married--Here's How"
Paris and Hollywood (US) October 1927, pg. 36-37, by: June Lee, "Dan Cupid's Bulletin Board"
Paris and Hollywood (US) August 1927, pg. 72-74, by: Gordon R. Silver, "Real Sirens of Screenland; Would the Vamps Shatter Hearts Upon the Silversheet in Actual Life?"
Moving Picture World (US) July 30 1927, pg. 329, "Clara Bow Signed to New Long Term Contract"
Moving Picture World (US) May 21 1927, pg. 170, "Navy Elects Clara Bow; Fast Vote Calculation"
Paris and Hollywood (US) May 1927, pg. 16-18, 81, by: Helen Louise Walker, "The Glynization of Clara Bow; Famous Authoress Selects the Girl Sensation of the Screen to Carry a Message None Other Could Portray"
Cinema Arts (US) February 1927, pg. 33, 48-49, "Clara Bow; The Girl on the Cover"
Moving Picture World (US) December 11 1926, pg. 414, "Clara Bow"
Paris and Hollywood (US) October 1926, pg. 19-20, by: Don Juan, "So This Is Hollywood"
Moving Picture World (US) September 18 1926, pg. 177, ill, "A Real Star"
Paris and Hollywood (US) September 1926, pg. 45-46, 76-77, by: June Lee, "Clara Bow's Beau Ends Romance in Near Suicide"
Motion Picture Classic (US) June 1926, pg. 36-37, 90, by: Alice L. Tildesley, "She Wants to Succeed; Clara Bow has one goal--Fame; Nothing else counts"
Motion Picture Classic (US) June 1925, pg. 21, 81, by: Harry Carr, "The Kid Who Sassed Lubitsch; Clara Bow's First Problem Was Making Her Eyes Behave..."
Moving Picture World (US) November 29 1924, pg. 428, "Clara Bow in Two Features"
Moving Picture World (US) November 22 1924, pg. 428, "Clara Bow Leaves New York"
Movie Weekly (US) November 15 1924, pg. 13-14, 31, by: Alma Talley, "What a Flapper Thinks About"
Moving Picture World (US) November 1 1924, pg. 54, "Clara Bow in East"
Movie Weekly (US) April 5 1924, pg. 8, by: J.L. Johnston, "The Sort of Man I Could Love"
Moving Picture World (US) September 22 1923, pg. 361, "Clara Bow to Have Big Role in 'Black Oxen'"
Moving Picture World (US) July 28 1923, pg. 320, "Schulberg Signs Clara Bow"
Moving Picture World (US) April 7 1923, pg. 665, "Clara Bow Makes Personal Appearance"
Classic (US) September 1922, pg. 66, 83, by: Martin Perry, "Seeing's Believing"

Pictorials (5)

Movieline (US) September 1999, Vol. 11, Iss. 1, pg. 41, by: Stephen Rebello, "Risqué Business"
Playboy Special Edition (US) August 1999, pg. 74, by: staff, "Playboy's Sex Stars of the Century"
Playboy (US) January 1999, Vol. 46, Iss. 1, pg. 105-128+214-220, by: D. Keith Mano, "Sex Stars Of The Century"
Playboy (US) April 1997, Vol. 44, Iss. 4, pg. 82, by: James R. Peterson, "Playboy's History of the Sexual Revolution, Part III (1920-29): The Jazz Age"
Playboy (US) September 1965, Vol. 12, Iss. 9, pg. 175, by: Arthur Knight & Hollis Alpert, "The History of Sex in Cinema - Part Five: Sex Stars of the Twenties"

Magazine Covers (3)

Cine-Mundial (US) March 1933, Vol. XVIII, Iss. 3
Cine-Mundial (US) July 1931, Vol. XVI, Iss. 7
Cine-Mundial (US) October 1928, Vol. XIII, Iss. 10

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